About Us

  604 Prepper is based out of Langley, British Columbia. Our mission is to provide products & services that will not just better prepare you in the event of a disaster but the tools to survive during.

  We thoroughly check & vet products we decide to offer, there is a lot of sub-standard product out there and part of our mission is to make sure none of those low quality or "fluff" items make it on 604Prepper.com! That's not to say we're perfect, if you notice either a sub-standard product on our site or a quality one that isn't please let us know!

  Being preppers ourselves we often found many retailers didn't offer everything for our needs such as dietary, allergies & for our pets. Our mission is to be the one stop source in emergency preparedness and self reliance!

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 Email info@604prepper.com

 Toll Free 1.855.604.PREP (7737)

 604 Prepper Inc

 PO Box 61632 Brookswood,

 Langley, BC

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