Reusable Washable Protective Face Shield / Visor

Reusable Washable Protective Face Shield / Visor
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  • Brand: MedSup
  • Product Code: VPF01
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Tags: Health Canada Class 1 Medical Device

  • Comfortable 3 cm thick foam headband

  • 1.5 cm elastic band
  • Expanded field of vision
  • Completely covers the face
  • Does not require any assembly 
  • Dimensions: Width 32-36 cm Height 22-24 cm
  • Protective film for transport
  • Not sterile

     Made from unbreakable PET plastic. They adapt in front of the face and are held in place by means of an elastic headband strap. These visors are easy to disinfect in order to be reused by the same user. This visor is designed to protect the entire face and has an anti-fog membrane as well as a comfortable foam headband.

     Use only for protection from liquids and dust. This visor is not impact resistant. Do not use for protection against open flames, sparks or debris.


    • Disinfect after use with a disinfectant product or wipe containing 60-80% alcohol.
    • If there is liquid or humidity in the foam headband, do not reuse the visor.
    • If there is any breakage or scratching, do not reuse the visor.


    • Health Canada Class 1 Medical Device
    • ISO 13485 certified manufacturer
    • Meets Health Canada requirements: Eye protection for use in hospitals.

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